Thursday, July 12, 2012

Religion versus Belief in God

The various religions around the world are man-made. The so-called religious texts that were supposedly inspired by God were all written by humans. Every single strand or variation of religion around the world is supposedly the "truth" according to its followers. Generally, Christians think that Islam, Judaism and the other religions around the world are fake, and that all of the followers of these religions, no matter how good and well-intentioned , will suffer in a lake of burning sulfur for eternity. And of course, Muslims believe that all Christians and Jews have it wrong. In fact, radical Muslims often declare jihad and go out and kill people who belong to other religions. Christians used to slaughter people in God's name too. Why cant people just believe in a God instead of buying into some phony religion lock stock and barrell? Why does God have to have a name? Why does it matter what God's name is? Cant people see that all religion does is cause problems around the world and divide the world? Why does belief in God have to go further than simply a belief in God? Why do all the fabricated, petty details matter? It matters because humans want to be divided. Humans aren't happy unless peoples of the world are pitted against one another. It does not have to be this way. Well maybe it does. Maybe people are really that ignorant. Maybe people want to be blinded by religious dogma. Maybe some humans just cant cope with reality and need to hide behind man-made religion. Maybe people cant handle death and the eternal separation from loved ones. Maybe humans want to be loved so much that they invented a saviour who has unbounding love and affection for them. Wake up you idiots. You are not that important.

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